Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming '08

So this past saturday night it was homecoming and as some of you will remember i made a t-shirt to ask my date, tyler. Well he said yes, but the thing was was that his homecoming was on the exact same day as mine. So i had to choose which one to go to and i chose to go to his, cause its his senior homecoming and he really wanted me to meet his friends.
The day finally came and the plan was that i would go over to my friend katie's house since she lives close to tyler and she would help me get ready. well when i get there she runs out and screams "tyler will be here in half an hour, we need to hurry!". At this point i look like crap, and i am really tired! So we quickly run into the house, put on the dress, and she sits me down in a seat and does my makup exactly like a barbie, it actually tickled! Then she curled my hair and made it all soft and put little clips in it. At this point tyler had already been there for about ten minutes. I head downstairs we take some pictures. And quickly leave. We get to the restaraunt, its a seafood one and and i don't quite like seafood so me being a martin i get a fajita burger! it was good but really quite weird. later we finally head to the dance and it was sooooo much fun. there were black lights everywhere, and laser beams. they had a lot of great music and videos and pics from the dance to go along with the music. the whole night was almost exactly like a movie. i had a blast. Unfortunately the pics that my friend katie took are all blurry and i don't quite like them, so i only have one pic. but i think it can tell you how happy i was that night. :)
This is us after homecoming, behind us is the sweet car that he took me in. doesn't he look good?! hehe


Staci said...

YAHHHHH go katy...dang he is really cute. And look how beautiful you are. Love the dress, hair..everything. What a fun I miss you!

Chris Martin said...

Katie, you looks awesome
Sounds like homecoming was a blast!