Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged...40 Forced Facts About Me!

8 Favorite T.V Shows:

* The Office
* Project Runway
* Ghost Hunters (TAPS)
* Prison Break
* Lost
* Battle Star Galactica
* America's Next Top Model
* Trading Spaces

8 Favorite Resurtants:

* Panara Bread
* Hona LuLu Grill
* Ruby River
* In N Out
* PF Changs
* Mr. Ed's (smallest greasiest burger joint located in Urbana Missouri)
* Mimi's Cafe
* Maccaroni Grill

8 Things I did Yesterday:

* At work got my Boss flowers for Boss day.
* Miles got some new teeth
* Ate scraps from my fridge for dinner
* Watched new episode of "The Office" the end was sweet
* Watched Rob play a really gory, scary game on the PS3
* Took pics of Miles sleeping like an angel
* Cuddled in bed w/ My wonderful Husband watching "Connon O brian"

8 Things I look fwd too:

* Halloween Rock Band party...finally an awesome Halloween party this yr.
* Going to Oregon next month to see the Morgans and all my fav. place in OR.
* Christmas in PA with the whole family and it being Miles' first.
* Rob and I's 4th wedding Anniversary on Dec 18th
* "Battle Star" and "Lost" to start a new season
* Every New thing Miles does
* Seeing Rob at the end of every day!
* Getting Comments or everyone to post on this blog more!

8 Wishes:

* Miles to grow Healthy/Happy
* Growing old with Rob and dying in our bed holding each other at the sametime.
* To be financially be stable for the rest of our lives.
* Living in my prefect lil 5 bedroom, perfectly decortated open kitchen living room, entertainment center basement, walk in closet, peaceful retreat back yard, home to raise my family!
* Go to New York during Christmas!
* To get flowers from my husband more!
* For the Battle Star fleet to find Earth, kill all the cylons and gain humanity back!
* World Peace!


Mark said...

Thanks for the fascinating information on yourself and letting us get to know you better! You're a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter, and daughter-in-law. We love you Staci!

Dad Martin

barbmartin said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Staci. You are wonderful. We miss you so much and can't wait until December. Love you!