Friday, November 14, 2008

In Memory Of Gordy The Fish!

Last night Gordy passed away. We aren't sure of the cause of death, but the other day we had broke his big bowl that he lived in and so we got a smaller bowl. We think it might of been the change of confinement. He was a wonderful lil friend and will be missed!
Rest In Peace may your Heaven be full of beautiful clear water and your seaweed castle so big with lots of shinny pebbles!
Gordy The Fish Martin

February 2005-November 2008


Beth Olsen said...

That is a way long time for a fish to live! I'm sure he had a long and full life!

The Toland's said...

ohhhhhhhh nooooo! I am freaking really sad. But you know me I always have a break down when my fish die...maybe b/c I have them for a week and they die!! But you have had him for soooo long!! I did notice ever since the baby came you have not been giving him the attention like you used to! ahhhh good bye Gordy! :(