Friday, November 14, 2008

Talent show??

Hey Family! So we had this Talent show in our ward last Wednesday. Our apartment had signed up for it, but we had no idea what we were gonna do. Antonio can play Harry Potter on the guitar, and I can juggle for a few minutes...but that's it, pretty sad. So instead we decided to act out "Three-headed broadway star" from whose line is it anyway. It works out where three guys link together and sing a song, each guy saying one word at a time. Although it wasn't a talent, neither were half of the performances done that night; so it worked out perfectly!

To start off, we had to get a topic from the audience so we asked "what's your favorite food?!" we were surprised to get a lot of response, but we chose to sing about macaroni and cheese. It's funny, in this picture, Antonio and Thomas are lookin' at me. It had been my idea in the first place, and neither of them knew exactly what to do

Here we're thinkin, "Ah, what the heck". Things just started rolling.

I could tell that a lot of people in the audience had seen the show, they were cracking up!
Anyway, the pictures aren't the best, but i really wanted to put something on the's to you, Staci!


Staci said...

yah! this is awesome..these pics are great. Your a great talent leader Chris hahah and what are you talking about you have no talents. You are a great singer/dancer. We have all seen you perform. We miss you and camt wait to see you for Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

man thats an awesome idea for a talent, wish you would've recorded it though...