Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Weekend

So, the in-laws were in town this last weekend. It was a blast spending time with Mica's parents and siblings. On Saturday night, Mica brought her parents to my last concert with the BYU Singers. We'll be singing again in April but this was the last concert with just the Singers. I think that my stock value on the son-in-law market went up thanks to this concert!

The second pic here is a professional shot of the choir we took right before the concert. We'll be using the pic on our tour to Ireland and England. The choir does a lot to promote itself, BYU, and the Church while on tour so good-looking photos, programs, and BYU paraphernalia go a long way! Also, this concert was a 25 year reunion of the group. There were about 150 alumni who came to sing the last three songs of the concert with us. It was so fun seeing some old friends.

On Sunday, beautiful Lucas was blessed by his dad, Enos. It was really a beautiful blessing. Unfortunately, Enos didn't hold him up at the end of the blessing like the baboon in the Lion King does to Simba. But I don't blame him! That can be too much sometimes especially since it makes me want to kneel every time someone does that with their baby after the blessing. Afterward, we had some good Sunday fun at Bill and Tara's house. There is always good food and family there. I should have taken a picture of the food.

However, I did get a pic of me and my nephew, Lucas. He's got a funny look on his face in one of the pictures. It looks like he lost the ability to hold up his neck. I also got a shot of me and Eddie rocking out. Mica and I got him a birthday present which was a CD of over 40 kids songs. I hope that CD doesn't drive Bill and Tara crazy. I mean, some of those songs are nutty.


David said...

Matt is that your baby?

Chris Martin said...

Last concert w/the singers?? Say it aint so! that would've been awesome to see.

Staci said...

awe im so jealous you got to hold baby lucas :(..he is sooo sweet and you are looking so handsome matt. I love Mica's family they are the best! Mica you are beautiful I love the purple you and your mom are i love you guys cant wait to see you guys soon.