Thursday, April 2, 2009


ALRIGHT! so this year for the school play it was the musical BIG! The movie big (with tom hanks) was based off of this broadway hit. We've have been preparing for this since early January, and just this last weekend was the performance. We had a basic full house every night. I played a lil kid in the chorus. It was pretty funny actually cause my "parents" were actually freshman and both had brown hair. so yeah we didnt look at all alike. But it was lots of fun. I made lots of new friends. and got some more experience in the singing dept. :) Here a some pics from the play and practice and such. Hope you guys enjoy, love you all!

Lindsay and me at the after party. we're so heavenly we have angleic beams on us.

myself and matt who played the young version of josh, the main character. yeah we're silly
cindy and aydanah. two foreign exchange students in the play. us three became really close. cindy is from indonesia and aydanah is from russia

LEGGO MY HOAGIE! we all got really hungry during practices.
carla and myself. we were both toys. i was a toy soldier and she was raggedy ann. i had to wear old marching uniforms for this part and they are the same ones as matt and david wore. :0

some of the girls in the kids chorus. Left to Right: Haley, Ashlie, Jordan, and Cindy.
hannah and me at the after party. The after party was a lot of fun. it was nice to just relax and hang out with friends. we had like soda drinking contests. and at the set strike where we had to take down all the sets hannah and i had a hugging contest to see who could get the most hugs. and i def. won! i think i got like 48.


Staci said...

AWESOME! I'm so envious I miss high school musicals. I wish we could of seen you perform. I love that first pic of you...the lighting is great and you are an angel! Thanks for sharing...we miss you and cant wait to see you this month

Matt said...

Oh, high school musicals! Those are good times. I love your pics Katy! Just don't go wearing that much makeup everyday. I'll have to call you sometime to talk more about it because it's so hard to imagine this classic 80s movie being turned into a musical. :) Thanks for a great post! We need more stuff from the PA family. love you!