Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1.5 Million Dollar Wedding-Ceremony

Over the weekend we got to go to my cousin's wedding... 1.5 Million Dollar Wedding this time. It was at the Beverly Hills Hotel which was really awesome because the hotel is all vintage and retro. They haven't changed a thing since when they first built it back in the 20's I believe. It's totally classic Hollywood glamer.

The sisters all glamed out!
The ceremony was so lovely and whimsical. It was in a closed in private area with all these green trees!
Diana's dress was unbelievable, and Ben is such a handsome gentlemen. Me and my sisters were totally crushin on him! We are so excited to have him be apart of the family..he is such a nice guy. We also found out he waited 5 months to kiss her when they first started dating! Grandma thinks he looks like Josh Groban, but we still love him as our jewish hunk married to our asian, irish beauty!
Us and our lovely Grandma! We were so glad she got to come and enjoy such a lovely day with the family!
More to come later of the reception!

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Matt said...

I hope this doesn't sound too effeminate, but I love those dresses girls! And that tux, Rob, is totally Bond. Glad you guys had fun!