Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

Howdy Y'all! Its me david, just thought i would be nice and let you all know where I've been the past 17 months. Every time i would try explaining my location, it was never a good explanation because i would be between moving in and out of places and too busy to post any good pics until now. Now that i have this spiffy new camera and all, i can do just that. So ENJOY=)

(Don't mind the links/blue text, I'm a noob at blogging, so forgive me)

This is the general area of where i live. There are 4 houses here but only 2 buildings (duplex). My crib is going into the driveway to the far right corner.

My truck is the black one on the right, its a tight fit, but at least i don't have to worry about getting towed.

That's my room window looking up.

This is the garage wear i park my lil scooter. i would park it inside but its actually a pool table entertainment/party room.

The backyard of course with a shit zoo - OREO is his name.

Walking in through the front door is the family room, or should i say "TV" room.

Another shit zoo - Ladybird

Some of my roommates rocking out.


We put that blanket over the camilian cage so that he can sleep better.


My bed is always made, only because i use one blanket! Learned that when i had hot weather down in HOT Mexico. "Why have 3 layers of sheets over ya when you can have none/one" i thought to me-self. Plus i don't usually like making beds, who doesn't?

A picture of Jesus Christ on the left along with a poster of Guitar Hero on the right. It reminds me of the angel and devil on your shoulders thing. Thanks for that picture frame Julia, it really helps even out my room!

And that just about does it for my tour of the crib i am currently staying at. Just thought i would put this together so i can also remember my living conditions of when i was single. Hoping not to be single for too much longer here. Anyways, hope you enjoyed! Love you all!


Rob said...

haha man this post makes me feel like crap b/c i still have never been to your place or atleast should make you feel like crap for not having us over. Pretty sweet crib...your roomates look AWESOME(sarcastically saying)Thanks for sharing David..I can finally sleep at night knowing your safe in sound in your lil bachlor pad w/ roomates that have mohawks and get married soon!

Rob said...

dang it..that last comment was me STACI..rob is signed in on my computer

The Toland's said...

hahahahah(I'm laughing at Stac/Rob's comment). That is a nice place!!! I think it’s funny that your room mates look like the sweet, Petter Priesthood, Goodie Good Mormon boys...and then there’s you who is a bad @$$!!!

kristen said...

David nice post I have to say!! Your place is awsome!! Your roomates can be a little scary at times but other than they are cool people i think?? Hahahaha LoL So where did you get that quilt its cute!! Man you need to find a girl quick so you can get out of that nasty place!! lol!!

Laura said...

haha so many haters! It's okay david the place is nice :)

Rob said...

Man a what zoo? Ahahahahah! So funnyyyyy!

barbmartin said...

I am laughing hysterically because that is not how you spell the name of that dog. It is NOT "shit"! It is shih tzu!!! Oh, my goodness! I think your place is very nice and quite clean. I am really impressed with how nice you keep your room. I am proud of you. And about your roomates, you are there to bring them to their knees!! Go forth brother! or son!! Love you!

Staci said...

HAHAHA mom typed "sh**"

Anonymous said... i was in a hurry, that's what spell check told me to spell and that's also how my one roommate told me to spell never gonna ask him again....

Anonymous said...

If i offended anyone, im sorry....really i am....but if i made anyone's day, then SO BE IT!!! =)

Lindsay said...

suh WEET. way to live like a bachelor, david. HAh... love the pictures hanging in your room... very boy.