Sunday, May 3, 2009

School Prom 2009

this is my favorite picture of me and jay
my date jay and myself. underneath a pretty tree, that was swarming with bees!

funny picture of me and jay. and yes i am not wearing my shoes. i was too tall with them on.
all of the girls in the group showing some leg. Left to Right: DD, Rachel, me, and Janelle.

funny picture of everybody. jay and i are FLYING!

i know everyone else is serious in this one but i just couldnt resist!
Good Formal Picture of everyone.

So school prom has finally come and now it is gone. It was an amazing night. Good music, friends, and date. so it wasa really good. The theme for it was 'New York, New York'! and the decorations were cool. They had a little italy thing going on over on one side with free rita's italian ice! and on the other side was china town with dragons and everything. For dinner my friends and i ordered chinese take-out got a table and some chairs and fancy cutlery and everything, went to the k-mart parking lot, set everything up and ate RIGHT THERE IN THE PARKING LOT! its one of the craziest things ive ever done. but it was a lot of fun and my kung po chicken was really good. :)

For the after party we went to a friend's house from the Chambersburg ward. Their prom was the same night so we decided to go there after changing into some nice, comfy clothes at janelle's place. It was a lot of fun. and such good hamburgers! we played some games, talked a lot, hide-n-go seek. And then we started watching a scary movie called the uninvited. pretty freaky, but the end was the best part. Went home after that and fell asleep. :) all in all a really fun night. best first prom ever!


Rob said...

Nice! Lookin' good girl! Glad you had a good time.

Staci said...

WOW you are BEAUTIFUL! I love your hair and I love the dress. Man you stole the night for sure. What a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Thats SO awesome katie, you looked REALLY good in that dress. Let me know if he touched you....did he? DID HE TOUCH YOU!#@%^eeeaaahhAARR!!! (ripping off my shirt)

Staci said...

hahahah David your hilarious i love you!