Monday, August 17, 2009

Oregon Wedding~

I went to Oregon(my dream state) a couple weeks ago for my cousin's wedding. Seriously of all the weddings including the two million dollar weddings this one beats them all. It was at my grandma's sister's (Aunt Beth) home. Her home has always been our "secret garden" such a magical place and so many wonderful memories!
This is when you first walk into her home. My Aunt Beth planted every single flower in this garden on her own. She is amazing!

You can get lost in her garden..there are so many paths, hide a ways, and beauty

When it got dark that is when the real magic happened. They had lanterns/candles hanging in all the trees, candles surrounding the whole pond and floating on the water.

My cousin Erika, the bride. She is Japanese and had a lot of Japanese traditions in the wedding ceremony.
Me and all my cousins, and of course my Aunt Beth who made this wedding so wonderful!
Yes I know a cheesy pic of Steph and I in our favorite all pics provided by Steph!

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barbmartin said...

Wow!!! These are gorgeous! Staci, you look beautiful in that color! I love these pics, Steph!