Sunday, September 13, 2009

Awesome Video

Hey guys! This is Julia. Last night I was just watching some random videos on YouTube and I thought it would be cool to see videos of people getting their mission calls. Well I got to this one and, of course, I immediately thought of Chris and got emotional. So I just thought I'd share this with you to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!! :)
Carpenter Twins Mission Call


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks julia, that was a really inspiring video. At the end where they are playing that music, I was trying so hard to remember what that was and was going insane cuz its a really good song. Then i remembered its from the tv show "LOST"

Staci said...

i love that! What cute exciting. I can't believe all our martin boys have gotten to do that..maybe we will get to see some of our martin girls do that as well ;) Thanks Julia!

Lindsay said...

i loved the video too.. it made me keep watching mission call videos.. it's really addicting! and i blame YOU.