Saturday, April 9, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Martin Edition

Okay, here it is! The new upstairs.

So, here's Christopher's room! The walls are a really light green. Not sure if you can see that in these photos. They used to be a light blue, with an airplane border. Just to remind those who had forgotten what it looked like before. :)
And look at our awesome new futon! Right now, mom and dad are sitting together, watching a movie on the new TV. It's really comfortable. And Dad is loving the new TV.
Sorry about the random spots in the pictures. My camera is kinda cruddy. Or maybe.....they're actually ghosts....

And here is Katy's room! Every bedroom now either has a double or queen bed so that married couples can be together. :)
The walls in this room are a light purple, if you can't really tell. Looks weird in the photos. This room used to be blue, with purple stripes....haha. Oh Katy.

And here is my room! I just chose beige for the walls, nothing special. They used to be green, with a horse border. And there's sweet Sophie!! I think she likes it too.

So there you have it! The upstairs looks so much better! Right now, our painter guy is working on the hallway, so I'll show you that when he's done.
Mom and Dad's room is being done last. I'm excited to see how that turns out.


Staci said...

wow it all looks so nice...i can't wait to sleep in the new comfy bed!

Matt said...

Man, you guys did a great job! Each room looks unique and comfortable. I'm excited to sleep in one of those beds soon (probably Katy's bed?!).

Also, I was kinda thinking that dad would try to outdo the size of the downstairs TV by placing a 70 incher in Chris' old room!!