Monday, April 11, 2011


First of all, I just wanted to share this beautiful picture with you.
Isn't it cute?!
And now for the main event! My dress finally came today, and I love it so much! I'm so excited to get my hair did, and slip this baby on. There's only two problems. 1) It's wrinkled. Mom can fix that. And 2) The sleeves are waaay too small for my genetically large arms, so Mom's gonna fix that too.
All of this needs to happen before Saturday! It will happen....I have faith.


Staci said...

fabulous..can't wait to see it on. That cat pic is really randome

Katy Martin said...

we dont even own that but ANYWAYS back to the dress. it is lovely. i always have trouble with sleeves being too small. just think of it in a way that your muscles are just too big. :)
like staci i cant wait to see it on either!! i can't believe its already this saturday! have a blast jules.

Julia said...

thanks! I'm excited too. and the cat....yeah...really random. sorry.

Matt said...

Gorgeous color. Can't wait to see pictures of you in it, girlfriend! Ok!?!

That kitty reminds me of Sophie when she was less fat and cute.

Julia said...

Yeah, hopefully they all turned out. There was a photographer there as well, so I'll try and get those on the blog too. She took a lot of good ones.