Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip!!

Road trip baby! woooo! Welp, this is a bit old bu
t I've been wanting to put something on the family blog for a while now, just to say h
ello to everyone out there. 'bout a week ag
o, August 18th, I started the journey out west, getting ready for school. I was wondering for a while now how I was going to get out to school, and have a car.

So I hooked up with Matt and Luke Duffield for a road trip out west. But I was going to leave about two weeks before school, so now I'm just spending time with Rob,
Staci, and the kids.
But the trip was sweet. From seeing hail storms to a motorc

ycle church, it was a sweet and smooth journey. Equi
pped with snacks and CDs I was ready for the journey ahead. I'm not gonna lie though, that hail storm was freaky, just waiting for the window to cave in on me.
Here are some pics on some stuff. Not too much, but just to let ya all know. We have some beautiful land out here in Colorado, Utah, and others. Kansas is crazy though. Flat land and storms.


Chris said...

Yeah, I need to work on my blogging skills, aw well. There it is!

Katy Martin said...

Haha. Great post, Chris! But maybe you should pay attention to the road!! Haha, but really, thanks for telling us about your adventure.

Katy Martin said...

By the way....that was Julia. Katy didn't sign out.

Matt said...

Great pics and story Chris. Looks like you were posting stuff while on the road! JK. Hope the semester starts off smooth for you.

Quick questions: So were Luke and Matt driving a moving truck out to Provo? What was the total time it took?

Chris said...

no, they were just taking Luke's Suberu. half truck, half station wagon. We left early Thursday morning and I arrived in St. George around 6:30pm on Saturday. Smooth trip